Jay & Stella have been married for 25 years. Jay is from Connecticut and Stella is from Colombia and they have 3 children.  In 2014, they decided to walk over 500 miles crossing the Pyrenees from France to Spain on the Camino de Santiago.  After hiking 34 days in Northern Spain, they moved to Beijing, China with their youngest daughter and spent a year living in and discovering a new culture. Returning to New York after China was a hard reflection on their previous lifestyle. After facing many personal challenges in a drastically foreign culture, returning back “home” was anything but comfortable. They decided life was worth exploring through the different stories of others, and as professional storytellers decided to make that their challenge. In a sidecar, traveling around the USA, they hope to inspire you with diverse stories of hope in communities that may not be so different from your own.


As they entered their 50’s,  Jay was facing unemployment and Stella was confronting  going back to work after years of focusing on the children, having put her career aspirations on hold to be a dedicated mother.

What is interesting is how things work out if you are open to them.

A week after they were notified that Jay’s department was being eliminated, Jay was offered a position in Beijing, China. At the same time, Stella became aware of “The Way”or “The Camino de Santiago” and decided she wanted to walk it.

Had they hesitated or lacked faith, they would have lost the opportunity of walking across Spain together.

The walk was just the start of the journey. It prepared them for the challenges faced living abroad in such a foreign culture. They learned to travel with only what they could carry with them and rely on each other for support and encouragement.

Confronted with the prospect of supporting a 4 bedroom house for 2 people, they decided to sell it and travel the country in a motorcycle and sidecar.

Why a motorcycle and side car?  It emulates the spirit of the Camino, it is open to the elements and allows them to travel side by side, not one in front of the other, a shared experience but with individual perspectives.

On March 25th, They picked up their unconventional mode of transportation for this project. It was a wet, chilly day and they were accompanied by their youngest daughter who was excited to share in the adventure.