Here are some links we hope you might enjoy to learn more about some of the stories we covered or to find more information about the subject.

 Flower Angels is an organization that delivers re-purposed flowers in bouquets to Nursing Homes across Cape Cod

Jim Freeheart is a painter that creates beautiful landscapes and often decorates schools with his artwork assisted by the student body.

 The Kindness Rocks Project  was created by Megan Murphy to connect with individuals when they are in need of that inspirational message.

 Caritas Smile is a non-profit charity organization that began giving out toys to underprivaded children and has expanded to building schools and improving resources available to impoversed communities.

Partners In Adventure  provides exciting life experiences to individuals and family members that may not otherwise have such experiences.

 Adventures In Granola  enables young adults with other abilities to work and support themselves through making and selling Granola.

 Boothbay Wellness is a community center that has engaged the area residents, old and young, to offer classes, trips and activities to enrich the community.

 Hallie Flanagan Wolfe gardens Hallie has created many gardens in the New York area, some offer beauty others offer harvestable produce for the community.

 Farmsteads of New England  is a farm community that allows adults needing assistance the opportunity to work, live on and contribute to the operations of a working farm.

 El Centro Hispano  has been serving the community by providing those in need with food, housing, clothing, jobs and other services for over 40 years.

 Farmington Valley Arts Center  is a non-for-profit arts organization that provides a venue, education and other resources to the public for the support of art and creativity.

 The Arnold House  was started with the intention to feed those in need, rain or shine, deliveries are made each week to the community.